Here is what people are saying about Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce!

“Greetings from Italy! On the island of Capri at the moment then headed to Ischia!

My girlfriend and I loved the sauce. It was quite delicious. We enjoyed it with some gnocchi, and then we tried it with some angel hair with crab sautéed in garlic butter; loved it both ways. While I was thinking it, my girlfriend was verbalizing that a-ha moment of realizing we were tasting something unique, fresh and real!”

Thanks again!


(From a fellow contestant in the Marin County Fair spaghetti sauce contest)

Hi Mark,

“It was a pleasure meeting you at the Fair and congrats on your 1st place honors…you definitely deserve it! Did you receive Best of Show? I hope so — you have a delicious product! I can see that you are very passionate about your sauce and have a great story behind it to make it all come together nicely.

Here are some photos of your display. Also, you are featured on the Marin County Fair Home page…see daily photos. If I were you, I’d see if you could get the original for marketing purposes. Good luck with everything and enjoy the photos!!!”

Kind regards,
Ronelle Scardina



“After tasting Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce I can honestly say it is the best sauce I have ever tasted in my life. It tastes like a recipe that took all day to prepare. When people come over for “spaghetti night” at my house, they’re always amazed at the freshness and unique flavor of the sauce. I have 2 young children who are extremely picky eaters and they are always begging me for a 2nd helping of spaghetti with extra sauce. I would highly recommend Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce to anyone and everyone. Lastly, the label on the jar is special to our family because my daughter thinks it’s a picture of her. We love Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce.”

Jillian Fernandez, Yorba Linda, CA




“Wanted to let you know I tried your sauce and it was delicious. I actually used it on chicken and vegetables and it was great. I personally like the smoother, “pasty”, sweeter sauces for my pasta and yours was awesome. Thanks for sharing with me and good luck in your pursuit of getting it into stores. On a side note, I came across an email I got from a sauce manufacturer/co-packer that I thought you’d be interested in maybe speaking to for mass producing your stuff. I will send it in a separate e-mail.”

Good Luck!

Michael Ajemian
Business Development Manager
Barilla America, Inc.



“Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce is by far the most genuine and original recipe I’ve had since my grandmother made her sauce for me when I was young. The flavors, spices and ingredients bump this sauces tastes way above the rest. I LOVE the fact that Rachael’s has real meat and veggies BUT the best part is that it doesn’t take ANYTHING away from the flavor of the sauce itself. I would recommend this sauce to anyone who misses those home cooked sauces made by Great Grandma whose recipe was passed from one generation to the next. Thank you for getting it right Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce!  : )”

…….Moses Perez




“This is Beverly we met at the Blood Drive in El Monte. Your sauce is delicious I even liked it cold.
My housemates also liked your sauce and said they would buy it. Hope to see your sauce soon in the market.
Good luck and best wishes for the future of Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce”



Hi Mark,

“My wife and I used your sauce last night with some pasta and a few meatballs.
It is OUTSTANDING. My wife said “It is the best spaghetti sauce I’ve ever had. Where can we buy some more?”
She thinks it would be a great gift in a basket with a bottle of wine, a package of spaghetti, maybe a loaf of French bread.”

Randy Bartlett, CLU, LUTCF



“This sauce is simply fantastic! I used to go to the store, buy a jar of Spaghetti Sauce, then spend about 10 more dollars in extra ingredients just to make a decent sauce. Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce has everything and more in the jar and the taste is amazing. I will recommend Rachael’s sauce to all my friends and family. I know we will see this sauce on the store shelves soon…keep up the great cooking!”

Greg Edelman
Duarte, CA




“Cathy and I tried the spaghetti sauce you gave us last night and absolutely loved it. Not too spicy not to sweet and smelled great. Can’t wait to see it in the markets…Good luck to you in the marketing side of this adventure, You, have a winner!!!”

Mark and Cathy Neal



“Wow… that spaghetti was the bomb! Please feel free to share my excitement!”

Kathy Woods
Pasadena, CA.



 Dear Mr. Near,

“Kim Clark brought me the jar of spaghetti sauce that you sent. I must say that it was the best sauce that I’ve ever had. My family and I absolutely loved it and finished it much too quickly. I’d love to buy some jars. How do I order it? Please email me and let me know.
Thank you!”

Lorri Rosenfeld (at Royal Oaks School)



“Your sauce was amazing!!!!!!! Lori gave Ellie a jar to try and we had the best dinner ever! Thank you so much! The sauce was meaty, tasted truely like fresh made sauce with a little bite and tang. Wonderful combination. Thanks again!”

Stacy W.



Dear Mark,

“I have to express how much that I enjoyed your delicious spaghetti sauce. It was really wonderful, not too much garlic and not too sweet. Spaghetti, lasagna and three cheese ravioli are my favorite pastas thus have tasted a variety of different sauces over the years and I was wonderfully surprised how tasty your sauce was. Really something different that I enjoyed so much. Thank you for sharing this with me and I look forward to being able to buy it and use it at home in my recipes.”

Sharon Simrin



“Growing up under an Italian roof the key to a good plate of pasta was of course, the sauce. Peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, oregano, etc.. were the main ingredients. Leaving home for college was tough because I would be leaving behind the “sauce”. It was terrible forcing myself to make pasta sauce out of the jar. The ingredients were missing which made the pasta pathetic and bland. However, after cruising the web, I found a sauce which couldn’t compare to the rest; I had to have it! Rachel’s spaghetti sauce reminds me of home like grandpa used to make (never thought I’d say that about sauce from the jar). Rachel’s sauce combines all the key ingredients when it comes to making a pasta sauce. From peppers to the Italian seasonings it’s all there every bite unique.”

—Thanks for making me feel at home!

Patrick Colosimo Hopson- Iowa City, IA.



“What can I say but “WOW!” I love your spaghetti sauce. It has a great flavor and is very healthy at the same time. There is no sauce on the market right now that compares to what you make. I hope to buy it soon”

Stephanie, Southern California



“This really is a high quality sauce! For those scrambling to get a “good” meal on the table, for those who want all natural ingredients, and for those with New Years resolutions needed to be fulfilled this is your sauce :). So try a bottle or two or a hundred. It’s simply delicious!”

Mary Hart


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