Mark NearWelcome to our family,

Mark Near is the founder and foodie who created Rachael’s Spaghetti Sauce. Mark is a southern California native. He lives in the small city of Duarte near Pasadena, California. He went to Monrovia High School in a neighboring town where he met and also married his high school sweetheart, Sherri.

He is now a father who is blessed with three beautiful daughters, Rachael, Amanda and Lorelei. Shortly after he graduated from high school he took a sales position in the automotive industry thinking he would do it just for the summer. Well, he ended up making a career out of it and 30 years later he is still doing it. It was also that same summer 30 years ago that he started making his spaghetti sauce.



Rachael NearRachael Near is the face you see on the jar. Rachael is the second daughter of Mark and his wife. Rachael … more content.


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